What to See in Kiltale

Kiltale is found in Meath County in Ireland. It is a small district with a population of about 300. This district is about seven kilometers from the historical throne of the king of Ireland. It is also the headquarters of the European food union. The following are what to see at Kiltale

Among the most exciting things in Kiltale are the Kiltale Hurling and camogie club grounds. These are located in Trim Dublin road. This by far is one of the best ports grounds in this area. They are used to host spots events in the area occasionally.

In Kiltale, there is also the Kiltale House. It a beautiful 4 star located in Dunsany in County Meath. It is a farmhouse made in a traditional style and is an Award winner of the Leinster Agri Tourism Awards. This farmhouse has three bedrooms spacious enough to accommodate up to seven people.

There are also other superior hotels in this area for example the Dunsay Lodge Hotel, the Rolling hills lodge, Trim Castle Hotel and the Brogans Bar and guest house. These are among a list of the best hotels in the area offering best services and encouraging tourism.

There are also championship golf courses in the area. These golf courses are used for competitive golf activities in the region. For example the golf course in the Killeen Castle that hosts the annual Solheim Cup. Also there are the Kiltale Holiday homes which are famous for family getaways. Plenty of activities take place here that are family engaging for example there is a modern play ground well equipped with a variety of modern equipment to ensure that guests are well entertained. These homes are stuffed with a variety of pets for example chicken, lambs, ponies, geese, goats and even donkeys.

There are other local attractions in the area for example The Hill of Tara, the New grange and the tradition town of Trim where the throne of the king is located. These are among the best scenic views of the beauty of the district. They provide an exciting experience when it comes to tourism and traveling to this small place.

On top of that, there is a Roman Catholic Church referred to as the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a public amenity that serves the entire population of the area bearing in mind that most of the people here are catholic Christians.

Also there is a communal bar in the Hurling team’s clubhouse. This bar is famous for hosting live music and is frequented by revelers from the surrounding areas. With its meritorious service and affordable drinks this clubhouse is the best place to be in this area.


To conclude these are what to see at Kiltale and it remains one of the most exciting places to visit in Ireland for its exciting and spectacular sceneries that are breath taking, from the beautiful golf courses to complete hotels ,to farm houses and the list is endless. It is one of the places one should actually pay a visit to in a lifetime.