Kiltale Today


Kiltale today has grown from a small rural community with a population of about 300 people to a fully-fledged town. You can access the town through catching flights to Dublin and get there by bus. There is no airport in Kiltale. The nearest one is in Dublin. The only access to this town is by road or helicopters. The roads are downright and the views spectacular. The town has a number of spots that make it a small tourist destination. In case you are on a business trip or just visiting, you will be sure to find things to see and do. Kiltale is ideal for family getaways.

The hotel industry in Kiltale today has become one of its main attractions. The small town is a haven for European delicacies. The dishes are rich with culture. The Rolling Hills Lodge, The Station House Hotel and Knights Brook Hotel and Golf Resort are just but some of the best places to have excellent meals and accommodation in and nearby Kiltale. The hotels in Kiltale have combined modern day culture with the original European cultures.

The temperatures in Kiltale will range at about 4 degrees. This makes it fairly chilly with about a few hours of sunshine in a day. The main attraction in Kiltale is the holiday homes. These getaways combine class and tradition.

Kiltale is home to two large sporting clubs, Kiltale Hurling and The Camogie. Kiltale has a few main attractions. It sports some of the oldest Irish towns like the Church of Oak otherwise known as Cell Dara. The Enniskerry and the Powers Court Estate are small neighboring towns that also harbor magnificent views. The Wickslow Mountains are beautiful scenery and the highest point in the area geologically.

Kiltale is home to the Meath GAA football team. The agricultural lands in Kiltale have made it a prime spot for this activity. The home cottages are equipped with barns and lands that are used for farmland activities. Horses back riding and golfing are available with the stunning parks and sceneries.

The Kiltale community is known for the warmth of its dwellers. This makes it a perfect family getaway. The low population gives it a quite peaceful ambience many seek from the hustle and bustle of key towns.

You will be bound to see a lot of Irish culture and building styles in this small town. The Irish are extremely traditional. The town is also home to the GAA 10 kilometer walk that sees hundreds of participants yearly. Kiltale is known for its impeccable veterinary services. This could be explained by the presence of many animals on the ranches. Donkeys, goats, cows and ponies are just but a few of those.

Kiltale is a religious community. There are a few Roman Catholic churches with various active parishes. There are crucial activities that take place in some of the main hotels that translate to fun for the kids. The Meath is known as one of the major attractions for family fun and accommodation.