History of Kiltale

Location of Kiltale, Ireland Kiltale is a rich Irish Gaelic rural community found in the rich country of Ireland with a population of about three hundred (300) people. It is actually located in the County Meath District and her province is the Leinster Province of Ireland. It is a small rural community that can actually be located at about nine (9) Kilometers from the east side of the town of Trim and at about another nine (9) kilometers from the west side of the town of Dunshaughlin. The Dublin to Trim road is the main road in the community. For a further description, it is about nineteen (19) kilometers from the south side of the town of Navan. Coming from the historic seat of the High King of Ireland, she (the town of Kiltale) is just about seven (7) kilometers above the High King’s historic seat which is located on the Hill of Tara.

Notable Historic Features of the Kiltale Community

The people of Kiltale are known to be a lively set of people and they engage in a lot of activities and have some basic amenities with which they function in the community and some of such activities and basic amenities include but is not limited to the following;

The Sporting Event; in the event of sports, they have a hurling and camogie club known as the Kiltale Hurling and Camogie Club which is located on Kiltale’s main Road which is the R 154 on the Trim – Dublin Main Road and it is Kiltale’s largest recognized organization for sports.

Just about the 28th day of October, 2007 the Senior Hurling team of kiltale won the Meath Senior Hurling Championship for the first time when they defeated another rural community also in the County of Meath which is the Kilmessan community with the score of about 1-08 and 0-09.

In terms of Transport; their transport system is majorly the public transport commonly known or referred to as the Bus Eireann that plies to and for Kiltale. The 111/112 service covers the following routes; the Kiltale – Batterstown route, the Athboy – Kiltale route, the Kiltale – Dublin route, the Cavan – Kiltale route amongst other routes. It offers about ten (10) services on such routes each day. There is also the 134 service which covers the route of the shopping center and it covers this route once a day and only on Thursdays.

There is also a hair dressing salon, a mini market where some shops are located and a filling station all located at the major bus stop in the rich rural community of Kiltale.

The people of Kiltale are of irish origin and their religion is predominantly catholic with their Parish being under the Diocese of Meath.

There is also some Public Amenities available in the Kiltale community and such public amenities include but are not limited to the following public amenities; a Roman Catholic Church, a place where most of their social events are carried out or performed which is known as the Parish Hall and a Public bar where most of the community’s musical social events are performed. The Public Bar is located within the Hurling and Camogie Club House and it supplies the community with live music also.