Extinct Fauna of Kiltale

wildlifeRural communities enjoy or not the presence of many types of wildlife. Just like every other part of the world, our region has many types of wildlife and other types that have become extinct. While we don’t have certain types of wildlife like raccoons ┬áin North America, there have been many specifies of animals that are similar to their North American or European cousins.

Species that have been extinct are great auk, the Irish Elk, the European Beaver, Brown Bear and the European wildcat.

European wildcat

In 2012, conservationists noted finding previously not known populations of Scottish wildcats residing in the Cairngorms National Park but really no such fortune in Eire.

Gray Wolf

The grey wolf is one of many world’s most recognized and well studied critters, with likely more publications written about this than some other wildlife species. It possesses an extensive history of association with people, having been hunted and despised in many agricultural communities due to the strikes on livestock

Eurasian beaver

Even though the Eurasian beaver seems superficially just like the United States beaver, you’ll find a number of significant differences involving both species. Reintroduced through a lot of its own former variety, it now happens from Uk to China and Mongolia.