Extinct Fauna of Kiltale

wildlifeRural communities enjoy or not the presence of many types of wildlife. Just like every other part of the world, our region has many types of wildlife and other types that have become extinct. While we don’t have certain types of wildlife like raccoons ┬áin North America, there have been many specifies of animals that are similar to their North American or European cousins.

Species that have been extinct are great auk, the Irish Elk, the European Beaver, Brown Bear and the European wildcat. Continue reading

History of Kiltale

Location of Kiltale, Ireland Kiltale is a rich Irish Gaelic rural community found in the rich country of Ireland with a population of about three hundred (300) people. It is actually located in the County Meath District and her province is the Leinster Province of Ireland. It is a small rural community that can actually be located at about nine (9) Kilometers from the east side of the town of Trim and at about another nine (9) kilometers from the west side of the town of Dunshaughlin. The Dublin to Trim road is the main road in the community. For a further description, it is about nineteen (19) kilometers from the south side of the town of Navan. Coming from the historic seat of the High King of Ireland, she (the town of Kiltale) is just about seven (7) kilometers above the High King’s historic seat which is located on the Hill of Tara. Continue reading

Kiltale Today


Kiltale today has grown from a small rural community with a population of about 300 people to a fully-fledged town. You can access the town through catching flights to Dublin and get there by bus. There is no airport in Kiltale. The nearest one is in Dublin. The only access to this town is by road or helicopters. The roads are downright and the views spectacular. The town has a number of spots that make it a small tourist destination. In case you are on a business trip or just visiting, you will be sure to find things to see and do. Kiltale is ideal for family getaways. Continue reading

What to See in Kiltale

Kiltale is found in Meath County in Ireland. It is a small district with a population of about 300. This district is about seven kilometers from the historical throne of the king of Ireland. It is also the headquarters of the European food union. The following are what to see at Kiltale

Among the most exciting things in Kiltale are the Kiltale Hurling and camogie club grounds. These are located in Trim Dublin road. This by far is one of the best ports grounds in this area. They are used to host spots events in the area occasionally. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Kiltale

Kiltale is a rural district in Ireland which has a population of about 300 people. The exact location of this beautiful land is Meath county R154 regional road on the Duplin to Trim road. This fascinating community district is located 19 kilometres to the south of Navan, nine kilometers to the west of Dunshaughlin. If you manage to be at the Hill of Tora then, you are just 7 kilometres from Kiltale.

One of the largest sporting organizations in this place is Hurling and Carmogie club. One can visit the team ground which is located on R154 Dublin road. Leisure time can be spent here thus adding quality to life through sports. This gives one memories of the first win of the Meath Hurling Championship by the senior Hurling team on twenty eight of October two thousand and seven. Continue reading